To silence his detractors, who make noises about his mental health, President Trump has passed a cognitive test, the result was excellent.

US President Donald Trump has, at his own request, passed a cognitive test to silence rumors about his mental health disseminated by his detractors, say Western mainstream media.

White House doctor Ronny Jackson announced that the President scored 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA).

Existing in many versions and languages, this test consists of a short questionnaire of one page intended to measure among others the memory, the executive functions, the capacities of abstraction, the concentration, the language, the computation, as well as the orientation in time and space. The duration of the test is about ten minutes.

Donald Trump had to draw a lion, a rhinoceros and a camel, find a common point between a banana and an orange, specify the time and answer other questions.

“There is absolutely no sign of any cognitive problem,” said the President’s doctor.

Questions about the mental capacity of the White House host have been revived by the controversial book of the journalist Michael Wolff, which draws a vitriolic portrait of the former real estate mogul, ensuring that his entourage doubts his ability to govern.