Dozens of former and current UN officials accused the organization of ignoring incidents of sexual harassment and rape, the British newspaper Guardian writes citing the results of its own investigation.

According to the publication, about the facts related to sexual crimes, journalists were told by employees of UN offices in ten countries around the world. The women asked not to be identified – in part because of the ban on UN public comment rules, partly because of fears of punitive measures.

“If you report this – your career is almost over, especially if you are a simple consultant,” said one of the interlocutors of the publication, which worked in the structures of the UN World Food Program.

Several other women who complained of harassment also confirmed that they were threatened with dismissal or early termination of the contract. At the same time, their abusers, including a high-ranking UN functionary, remained at their posts.

In response to the material of the publication, the UN stated that it would “try to strengthen the effectiveness of the investigation of the relevant communications and support the victims.” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appointed a lawyer to protect the rights of victims and created a special unit to deal with sexual harassment, the UN said.

Recently, many scandals have erupted, related to rape or sexual harassment, at the epicenter of which are known figures of politics, show business and the film industry.