The drones that attacked Russian air bases on Syrian territory are very similar to those that equip the US military and were previously discovered among Kurdish militias, said Turkish military experts in an interview with Sputnik.

Hmeimim airbase and the Tartous logistics base have been attacked by drones from Al-Mouazzara, in the southwest of the Idlib de-escalation zone controlled by so-called moderate opposition armed formations.

The usual drones, which are the most widespread, can only carry and drop small explosives, said Sputnik Erdoğan Karakuş, retired lieutenant general of the Air Force of Turkey, adding that drones used in the attack on Russian bases in Syria were of the same type as the equipment that the US Army was equipped with.

“It is the United States that has drones capable of dropping bombs and shells usually used by airplanes. An ordinary drone can only carry an explosive capable of destroying a terrorist vehicle at most, “said the interlocutor of the agency.

And remember that in this case, it was the use of drones much more powerful.

“It is possible, of course, that China or some other countries could also design similar drones. This question is to be studied more carefully. Anyway, I say that the drones used in this attack do not look like drones that have been used so far by other countries, except the United States. They do not look like the drones used by Turkey that drop small shells, “summarized the general.

Sputnik Beyazıt Karataş, a retired major general of the Turkish Air Force and vice-president of the Vatan party, warned that with the development of technology, such drones could become increasingly difficult. more numerous.

“The purpose of using a large number of drones was to hit the target with the utmost precision even if some drones were intercepted. […] The main task of terrorists, however, is to advertise,” Karateş said.

According to him, the Kurdish militias of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) also have different drones that the Americans provide them.

“It does not matter if the terrorists use American or British drones. The most serious is probably the fact that these devices are found in possession of terrorist groups from European countries,” said the general.

On January 6, Syrian jihadists for the first time massively used drones to attack Hmeimim Air Base and Tartous Logistics Base. The attack was pushed back. Seven drones were shot down, while six others were taken by electronic warfare units.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the engineering solutions used by terrorists could only come from a country with high technological capabilities.