Syrian army, allies captured areas of Islamic State-held al-Mayadin

epa05978416 Afghan Army soldier uses his weapon among smoke and rubble after an attack by IS militants in Chapahar district of Nangarhar district, Afghanistan, 21 May 2017. Nangarhar, bordering Pakistan, is one of the most turbulent regions of Afghanistan and a stronghold of the Islamic State, as well as having a significant presence of the Taliban group. Since the end of NATO's combat mission in January 2015, insurgents have been gaining ground in various parts of Afghanistan and currently control, influence or are fighting the government in at least 43 percent of the territory, according to data from the United States. EPA/GHULAMULLAH HABIBI
The Syrian army and its allies have captured areas of Islamic State-held al-Mayadin in eastern Syria, reported Reuters citing a Hezbollah-run military news outlet as saying on Thursday, in an advance into the jihadist group’s main urban base of operations in Syria.

Backed by Russia, Iran and Shi’ite militias, the Syrian army encircled the militants in al-Mayadin on Sunday.