760 injured in Catalonia, as Spain PM criticises “illegal” independence referendum

Number of injured reaches 761 in Catalan referendum. Spain’s Prime Minister reportedly claims there was no independence vote in Catalonia today.

After polling stations closed controversial referendum on Catalonia independence, Spain’s Prime Minister has announced “no referendum” happened in the country, reported Spanish media on Sunday.

“No referendum has been held in Catalonia today,” Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced at a press conference Sunday evening.

Claiming that the majority of people in Catalonia did not want to participate in the voting, the minister said those citizens had obeyed the law.

Spanish riot police burst into polling stations across Catalonia on Sunday, seizing ballot boxes and voting papers to prevent a banned referendum on a split from Spain in a show of force aimed at asserting Madrid’s authority over the rebel region.

The high court of Spain’s Catalonia said Sunday that courts in the region had received over police’s failure to close polling stations.

Catalonia’s High Court said in a statement the courts received complaints against the Catalan police for inactivity at polling stations that had been illegally opened for voting.

Spain’s interior Ministry said police have closed 92 of about 2,300 polling stations which were set up by the Catalan regional government for the banned independence referendum.