Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) said that Jerusalem is our country and we will not leave it. “We said no to Trump and others.”

Abbas said the Jews had been used as a slogan for colonialism, and that their cause had begun before the Balfour Declaration. “We say to Trump we will not accept your project and Jerusalem is the eternal capital of our state,” he said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas expressed his dismay at the lack of presence of the Hamas and Jihad movements to the Palestinian Central Council conference, stressing that the Palestinians hold Jerusalem as their eternal capital despite the United States’ decision to recognize it as the capital of Israel.

“The brothers in the Islamic Jihad and in Hamas said they will not attend the Central Council meeting,” Abbas said in his speech at the PLO Central Council conference.

He continued: “The position of Hamas upset me, this is a crucial moment requires every Palestinian to attend to discuss the affairs of the capital Jerusalem.”

Abbas said: “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of our independent state,” adding: “US President Donald Trump took Jerusalem out of the arena and scrapped a joke on tension.”

“The Palestinians are not waiting for Israel to give them land, but a date and a timetable to end the occupation.”

He added: “The United States seeks to remove the file of refugees from the table of peace negotiations.”