Yemenis run a popular bath in Sanaa in search of relaxation and rare water

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YEMEN (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Yemenis are heading to the popular luxury bath in the Yemeni capital Sanaa to relax and enjoy steam, skin cleansing and massage services.

They are also rushing to enjoy hot, flowing water that has become a rare coin after four years of war that has made homes across Yemen suffer from ongoing power cuts and water shortages.

“When I come to the bathroom, I feel like a special time after work pressure and after the burden of living, as you know the situation,” said Wahib Abdullah, 35, who was bare-chested and sweating with steam in a room of black stones.

Sanaa, controlled by the Houthi group, does not have electricity from the state and its residents rely on solar water heaters or private generators. Only about once a month do the water flow through their pipes, making it expensive for homes to fill water tanks on water trucks.

Luxury bathroom customers and other popular bathrooms throughout the city yearn for the comfort they can not find in their homes.

Ibrahim Yahya Habash, 27, the bathroom manager who opened in January, said, “Many customers mean they are going to bathe for a rest, and most of the customers have no water in the house, on a light basis surrounded by hot water, they have no electricity , You can keep the situation separate (electricity) is to be wipes on the basis of relaxation and pay a symbolic need five hundred riyals (about one dollar), bathe and clean (cleaning the skin) and do massage and come out and is satisfied.

Even before the current conflict, Yemen was one of the poorest Arab countries, according to the World Bank and only half of its population had electricity.

Yemen is one of the world’s poorest countries in terms of water.

With fuel shortages also in Yemen, the luxury bathroom relies on diesel heaters and wood burning.

“The work in Yemen is an adventure, I mean from the beginning, God willing, I opened the door of God, and I ask God to compensate me for what I lost,” said Ahmad al-Kahali, 61, the owner of the bathroom. Much expensive”).

The conflict in Yemen is between the Houthis allied to Iran and a Saudi-led coalition seeking to restore the internationally recognized government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. The war brought about the collapse of the economy and brought millions to the brink of hunger.

The rise in inflation came from the ability of people to buy food and many houses became homeless because of non-payment of salaries of government employees.

The luxury bathroom has 60 people supporting the local economy.

“Above all, because of health and for my health, I prefer it. This is one of the habits and traditions of the owners of Sana’a from time to time, the second need for bathing, and at the same time recreation and psychological comfort,” said a customer for the bathroom named Akram Abdullah, 32, a private sector worker. The second bathroom, has advantages here by virtue of cleanliness and selection of labor.”


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