WW3: where the third world war could begin

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Next year, the South China Sea, Ukraine, the Persian Gulf and the Korean Peninsula will remain the hottest regions where the third world may begin.

This was told by the professor of the Military College of the US Army Robert Farliob in an article for The National Interest.

Thus, according to Farley, so far the struggle of the USA and China in the South China Sea is taking place within the framework of economic sanctions and tariff disputes, but as bilateral relations deteriorate, the conflict may go beyond this.

Farley called Ukraine the other likely place for the start of World War II. He recalled the recent incident in the Kerch Strait, noting that this caused an increase in tension in the region.

At the same time, the author believes that Russia, most likely, is not interested in “violating the status quo” before the elections of the Ukrainian president, which, in turn, can introduce uncertainty into the situation. Given the ongoing tensions between Moscow and Washington, even a small shock can upset a delicate balance, warns Farley.

The third “hot” region, according to the professor, is the Persian Gulf. Here, tensions are rising due to US economic pressure on Iran, as well as conflicts in Yemen and Syria. Given the strategic importance of the region, any manifestation of instability here can lead to an open clash between Moscow, Washington and even Beijing, the author continues.

The fourth hotbed of tension, the professor believes, is the Korean Peninsula, despite the recent US and DPRK peace initiatives. In his opinion, relations between Washington and Pyongyang can deteriorate at any moment, moreover, China and Japan have disagreements on the Korean issue.

The deterioration of relations between China and the United States “foreshadows trouble” in the future, and “hot spots” may arise in other states, writes Farley.

At the same time, the crisis of the US military hegemony and the established world order indicates that the near future is likely to become more dangerous than the recent past, he concludes.


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