We won in Syria, we won in Iraq — Trump announces the US victory over terrorists

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers his nomination acceptance speech to conclude the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
President of the United States Donald Trump said that his country achieved victory over the terrorist group “Islamic State” in Iraq and Syria and pursues militants in other regions.

“We won in Syria, we won in Iraq, but they are distributed in other areas, and we pursue them as quickly as they spread,” Trump said, speaking at the White House at the signing of the defense budget.

In addition, he promised on Monday to announce a new national security strategy. According to him, the document will include four main points: the protection of the American people, the advancement of the US welfare, the promotion of American influence and the “preservation of peace through force.”

Implement the last item, according to Trump, will help allocate for defense. The Pentagon budget of 692 billion dollars, involves the allocation of 4.6 billion for the initiative to support allies in Europe, aimed, among other things, to contain Russia. In the document, this is explained by the response to “aggression”.

– Russia’s reaction to Trump’s statement –

Trump’s statement that it was the United States that defeated the terrorists in Syria was commented on in social networks by Senator Alexei Pushkov.

“We defeated the IS in Syria. These words of Trump do not convince even the US media: they write that Russia defeated Syria. And yesterday there was Putin, not Trump,” Pushkov wrote on Twitter,

according to the senator, the words of the head of the White House resemble the rhetoric of American historians who believe that Nazi Germany was defeated solely because of the entry into the war of the United States.

“Stop attributing yourself other people’s victory. The main role in the victory over Hitler was played by the USSR. And the United States waited three years before opening the second front,” he added.