Wind farms will cause local warming – Harvard University

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – The climate model has shown that the temperature in the area of ​​power plants can increase to 0.24 degrees Celsius.

Researchers from Harvard University (US) simulated a climate model that takes into account possible air flows during the construction of large-scale wind farms, and saw that they would increase the temperature in the territory of power plants.

The work was published in the journal Joule.

Using fossil fuels to generate electricity increases carbon dioxide emissions, which in turn leads to climate change. It affects a variety of areas of life – from reducing the strength of wood to accelerating the melting of glaciers . Therefore, scientists are now looking for alternative sources of energy. One of them is wind power plants. They are popular in the USA, Germany and China. The largest coastal wind farm opened last month in the UK. However, new research has shown that these power plants can increase the temperature next to them.

In order to create a reliable model, American scientists collected data from existing wind farms. On the basis of the information received, they constructed a situation in which all the electricity that the United States needs today for private use will be generated by wind farms. According to estimates, this will require increasing the number of power plants by 16 times. If it is advantageous to arrange all the turbines, they will redirect the movement of air so that the temperature at the location will increase by 0.24 degrees Celsius, which is ten times more than with the installation of solar panels. Nevertheless, the authors emphasize that this phenomenon does not contribute to global warming at all. On the contrary, it reduces the level of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, but in the long term.

Difference in temperature concentration over three years (A) on average, (B) during the day, (C) at night © Joule

Scientists have already suggested how to use the effect of local warming. For example, it will increase the local growing season of the crop, while eliminating the likelihood of night frosts. They notice that precipitation will also increase in the region. However, some consequences can be adjusted by turning off the wind farm for a time.

“Even when using renewable energy sources, we must take into account climate change. If we can determine the effects before installation, then perhaps we can use them to our advantage. But I am sure that these results will be misinterpreted by people advocating fossil energy sources,” said study co-author Lee Miller.

Earlier, an international team of scientists presented a study that showed how the warming of the Atlantic Ocean could cause an increase in the number of hurricanes in 2017.