When will the colonization of Mars? The date is precise

UNITED STATES – Mars One’s co-founder, Bas Lansdorp, promised that the first human crew would land on the Red Planet in 2032 to stay there forever.

The first colonizers will land on Mars in 2032, said Bas Lansdorp, co-founder of the Mars One project to install a human colony on the Red Planet.

“In 2012, we had hoped that the first men would wait for March in 2022. But the delay is considerable, especially because of funding problems. But now everything is solved. We are ready to begin a new stage, “said the engineer in an interview with the UAE newspaper Khaleej Times.

In total, nearly 200,000 candidates from more than 140 countries worldwide have applied to become the first land settlers on Mars. One hundred candidates have been shortlisted and will have to pass tests for a third selection phase.

In 2031, a first crew of four will have to leave the Earth to arrive on Mars in 2032 after seven months of space travel. A second crew will leave in 2033 and prepare the arrival of a third. The project does not provide for the return of its participants to Earth.

The first settlers will have the mission to launch the agricultural exploitation of the red planet in order to ensure their food supply.

The total cost of the project is provisionally estimated at $ 6 billion. For part of its funding, Mars One relies on reality TV shows about the training and expeditions of future settlers.