Why You Shouldn’t Fear Cancer… Or Any Other Diseases Or Illness !

Two years ago, Angelina Jolie chose to have a ‘preventative’ double mastectomy to avoid getting cancer and then earlier this year, in April 2015, there was yet another media sensation as it was revealed that she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed in another ‘preventative’ measure against contracting cancer.

By Nerti U. Qatja@VOP_Today – Source: Energy Therapy

Doctors had admittedly found a small benign tumour on one ovary but there were no signs of cancer in any of the tissues. So why did she take this decision, which can’t have been an easy one to make?”

No doubt, the advice of the leading doctor/specialist was to remove the ‘body parts’ that were most susceptible to the disease because current conventional medical thinking is based on genetic determinism. That we have no control over the genes we were born with, and that we are somehow on a ‘set course’ to illness if we don’t take drastic, evasive action right now! And, there is a whole industry, one with tremendous power, dedicated to maintaining that ingrained belief.

From the common cold to more serious illnesses, the vast majority of people on this planet continue to believe that they are not responsible for the state of their health and, as a corollary of that first belief, they believe that they cannot seriously influence the outcome of their health when faced with a minor or major illness of the body.

We have allowed ourselves to be dangerously hypnotised: ‘Pop a pill’ or ‘cut it out’ has become the accepted way to solve any health issue, regardless of its severity. Somehow illness has become its own identity, and has nothing to do with the actual person!

Yet whilst the reductionist model of medicine has been useful for addressing infections and acute cases of illness, now we are facing a massive health crisis, the likes of which we have never seen before. Conventional medicine, outside of the emergency room, is failing us.

The reductionist approach, whilst attempting to prove it has all the answers, in fact disempowers millions (billons?) by putting them into fear since the body is seen as an uncontrollable machine, entirely separate from the person. No wonder people feel they don’t have any control over their health any more!

As very young children, most of us were taught to run to the doctor to ‘fix’ our health issues, so we tend to act on very strong ‘programmed’ responses when we encounter ill health and disease in our own bodies – and this conditioning can be hard to break. However, we need to step back a little and look at the bigger picture.

As the son of a pharmacist, with many cousins and uncles who are doctors (and who do wonderful work), I do believe there is a need to have access to a medically trained doctor, and to see a doctor at certain times in our lives. Not only can a visit alleviate chronic worry, but it can also be life saving where the illness is severe enough to warrant immediate attention.

Yet, it is not the only route and sometimes it is not the best route. When prescriptions are written without really listening to the case history of the person, and the doctor instantly diagnoses what’s wrong with the body, prescribing the latest drug(s) which fail to address the ‘root cause’, this is the slippery path to dependency on meds.

Doctors have been trained in a particular approach to understanding health and disease, and they don’t have the time or the skill set to deal with the body as a whole, nor from the understanding that it is a self-sustaining, self-regulating ‘energy system’.

Integrated medicine (which combines conventional medicine with alternative approaches to health) is a far more effective approach because it is client-led, and allows the health issue to be tackled from more than one perspective. From an energy standpoint, it works on the disease from many different levels of consciousness, going far beyond the physical body (where conventional medicine erroneously believes the root of the problem lies).

For some time now, there has been overwhelming evidence that the mind affects the body, and thatconsciousness is the key player in determining any health outcome. The body is a reflection of our thoughts, emotions and our beliefs, more than anything else. The new biology of the 21st Century (‘epigenetics’) not only contradicts the previous, narrow, reductionist medical model, it blows it right out of the water.

Sadly, despite the mounting evidence that virtually all illness starts with consciousness, the old paradigm of ‘we are helpless bystanders’ continues to assert massive influence on us at a conscious and subconscious level. Apparently, health or illness is something that happens to you – but not because of you! But nothing could be further from the truth!

A British molecular biologist, John Cairns, produced compelling evidence as far back as 1988 that our responses to our environment determine the expression of our genes. Cairns took bacteria whose genes did not allow them to produce lactase, the enzyme needed to digest milk sugar (lactose), and placed them in petri dishes where the only food present was lactose. Much to his astonishment, within a few days, all of the petri dishes had been colonised by the bacteria and they were eating the lactose. The bacterial DNA had changed in response to its environment!

Almost 30 years later, the scientific establishment (rooted in an old consciousness that sees matter as primary and mind-stuff as secondary, or even non-existant!) is still digging its heels in and refusing to budge.

However, the tide is starting to turn, regardless…

The new science of epigenetics points to a far different reality because it has its roots in the quantum field, where everything is ‘energy’. Our bodies, the chair you’re sitting on, absolutely everything can be reduced to this oscillating, quantum soup! That means that illness, or dis-ease expressing through the body, is also just ‘energy’ and can be manipulated as such. We have come to think of disease as ‘real’ and ‘solid’ but our bodies are made up of 99.999999% space, according to quantum thinking!

This idea is radical and absolutely scary for most people at first because, ultimately, it means we are responsible for whether our gene set activates an ‘ill health potential’ or not. However, the great news is that we have a say in how the illness or dis-ease plays out!

The new biology is about empowering people to make different choices where they have more control over their health, and are not destined to live helplessly on pills for the rest of their lives, increasing the dosage and/or frequency of use, and often having to add even more drugs to the mix later on.

From an energy standpoint, drugs are ‘low energy medicine’ because they seek to address a particular part of the body, but the body works holographically. When you take a pill, it affects ALL of you!

If your state of health were totally driven by your genetic code (which you were born with) then why would any of us bother making lifestyle changes? It would be absurd…

If you were told that you had an ‘obesity’ gene or a ‘cancer’ gene, then a deterministic model would mean that you couldn’t do anything about it. Why would you bother to make ANY changes?

At a deep level, we know genetic determinism is a red herring – but it provides an easy ‘out’ for those who do not want to consider that they are the driving force in determining their state of health.

The Central Dogma of molecular biology, known as ‘The Primacy of DNA’, states that biological information is transferred sequentially and only in one direction – from DNA to RNA to proteins. The new biology has completely shattered this dogma and proven it false, so why do we keep coming back to the same old nonsense?

In recent years, we have seen a backlash from the establishment (and so-called scientific sites) calling everyone ‘quacks’ (including esteemed scientists such as Dr. Bruce Lipton!) who would dare go against their Central Dogma.

It is rather obvious that the ‘Powers That Be’ do not want you to realise that you actually have a tremendous amount of control over how your genetic traits are expressed. Pills and potions are Big Business, so there clearly is not going to be anyone on Big Pharma’s executive boards jumping for joy about the latest findings in the field of epigentics! They can’t package it and sell it (at a marked up cost).

The information on the new biology is now out there – and has been for some time! – but misinformation and disinformation continues to be seeped onto the internet, validated by so-called ‘scientific’ findings that refute the last 30 years of cutting-edge research.

So, who to trust?  I invite you to ask the question, ‘which path empowers me’? There, you will surely find the answer. Truth is self-evident, after all!

I believe that the emerging science of epigenetics verifies what mystics, seers and healers have been saying for centuries, that we are in the driving seat – not our genes. Dr. Lipton is recognised as one of the leading authorities on how emotions can regulate genetic expression, and his message speaks to all of us! Going against ‘established wisdom’, he has taken great care to emphasise that our beliefs drive our biology. The original mis-assumption by science is that the body is a ‘closed system’ rather than a dynamic one which responds intelligently to a living field of intelligence.

Big Pharma would rather have you believe that there is a ‘drug’ for every health problem you encounter, and by taking their drugs, they can modify and control your health. You can’t control your health but THEY can, apparently! That assumption has been proven false many times… and we all know it.

Oftentimes drugs don’t work, or people don’t respond well to their prescribed medication, advancing to a cocktail of secondary and tertiary medications.

A well-known fact, but one that is not widely advertised in the press, is that taking medical drug ‘cocktails’ is one of the leading causes of death today.

Whilst some manufactured drugs can be ‘life savers’ in certain circumstances, this doesn’t mean they are the answer to all our health problems, and their efficacy is actually questionable most of the time.

Just because we have antibiotics that have eliminated ‘killer diseases’ in the past, and revolutionalised the way we treat particular diseases today, doesn’t mean that model can be applied to all diseases of the mind and body.

What about super-bugs, a name given to viruses becoming resistant to overuse of antibiotics? What about the diseases of diabetes, cancer and heart-disease, all of which are rapidly on the increase, despite our advances in medicine and technology? How do we explain ‘spontaneous remission’ of cancer, which is far more common than is acknowledged?

The secret to life does not lie within our DNA, but with that rather elusive idea of ‘consciousness’. When we consider the fact that we have trillions of cells co-operating with each other a unified field of energy-consciousness, then we can surely regain our trust in life itself.

This means that having a ‘cancer program’ in your DNA does not automatically mean you’re destined to get cancer. Far from it! The consciousness of the cell is located inside the cell’s membrane, not the DNA – which is just a ‘blueprint’. Consciousness ‘reads’ the blueprint and decides how to interpret that information.

If a disease does somehow activate (switch on), then you also have a say in how you heal, and whether it deactivates (switches off). Information flows in both directions, from DNA to proteins and from proteins to DNA, so genes can be activated and de-activated by signals from the environment!

Genes change their expression depending on what is happening outside of our cells and even outside of our bodies. In terms of energy, there is no distinction between what is happening ‘out there’ and what is happening ‘inside’ us. So the ‘environment’ that our genes respond to includes our conscious thoughts, emotions, and also our unconscious beliefs.

In my Energy Medicine practice, the majority of which is conducted ‘at a distance‘, I speak about clearing energies to my clients – energies that underpin physical, mental and emotional challenges, including any out-picturing of dis-ease. Negative energies are triggered in response to an event, so it’s not the event itself that causes disease, it’s our response to it.

If you leave an abusive relationship but are reliving that energy through your mind, then your body will respond as though you are being abused in the present. The stress response is triggered, your cells contract and cellular communication is hindered. The immune system cannot work well under stress and you become more susceptible to illness or disease.

The good news is that if the body’s wisdom decides to run a program of illness or disease, it can also decide not to run it. This ties in nicely with the latest discoveries and understandings of epigenetics that place critical importance on the person’s interaction with the environment.

From over a decade of working with ‘energy’ and ‘consciousness’ through Yoga, Reiki and Information Dowsing, I feel that this is one of the primary reasons we are seeing a worldwide uptake in yoga, meditation, and energy therapies that provide us with authentic forms of healing. These approaches also treat people like people, and not machines!

We surely cannot prevent or treat illness or dis-ease in a purely mechanical way, as we are now witnessing by the catastrophic failure of conventional medicine to stem the increase in 21st Century diseases… Each person is unique and has to be treated as such. The ‘energy root’ has to be found, and they have to understand how their story links to the disease, or they will recreate the illness, or a similar one.

We must all learn to see illness as part of our journey and a signpost along the way, rather than something to fight and get rid of. We need to stop being ‘at war’ with our bodies!

How do you view yourself? As some kind of sentient meat, subject to life’s whims? Or do you view yourself as something more, namely a Living Being with choice in how your destiny unfolds because of the moment-to-moment choices you make, or don’t?