Why rice can be dangerous to health?

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — A large amount of arsenic and other toxins can be accumulated in rice grains, most of which enter the human body during digestion, biologists said.

“We conducted the first systematic assessment of the amount of arsenic in the rice grains, and we studied how much of it enters the body during the digestion process and soon we will begin to study how it affects the work of the human body,” said Shen Chu of the Indiana University of America at the HRA conference.

Zhou’s scientific team studied how the high concentration of arsenic and other poisons that contain water affects rice, which is the staple agricultural crop in China, India and the rest of South and East Asia.

To that end, they collected 143 scientific studies devoted to arsenic metabolism and behavior within the human body and in various nutrients.

The team selected ten detailed studies, combined their findings and conclusions, and found that a large amount of arsenic was accumulating in rice grains, and that a large proportion of them remained in their pulp in the form of inorganic compounds rather than in the work of the cells of this plant.

In general, 70-80% of arsenic found in water is transferred to rice grains, and a similar proportion of that amount enters the human body and animals during digestion.

Based on these findings, scientists recommend that governments of rice-producing countries, and governments of rice-based countries, need to pay attention to this issue and examine the product to detect the proportion of arsenic in its grains.


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