Why cardio is the best anti-aging training

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — If you are already using anti-age moisturizers and anti-aging creams for the eye area , then isn’t it time to include anti-aging workout in the menu? Obviously, it is.

At least because in the course of a new study on the topic, German scientists finally established that this should be for activity.

The work, published in the European Heart Journal, says that when it comes to anti-aging effects on the body, cardio starts and wins. Yes, even despite the fact that, in general, cardio training and weight training are about the same in terms of efficiency and utility.

The study’s authors explain that endurance exercises, such as swimming, running, cycling, or – if you like that more intensely – HIIT, slow down the aging process better than working with weight. At least, if we talk about aging at the cellular level.

In the course of the experiment, in which 124 healthy low-active adults aged 30 to 60 years took part, volunteers were randomly divided into two groups.

While one group continued its irregular exercises, the other group had to train three times a week for 45 minutes (the types of training were different). The whole experiment lasted 26 weeks.

Analysis of the data showed that people who received endurance training and HIIT had a more powerful rejuvenating effect from their workouts, compared with participants who continued to train in the usual way.

The researchers were able to evaluate this using the analysis of leukocytes in the blood, which made it possible to talk about anti-age effects at the cellular level.

If you are interested in the details, then two important changes were noted in the cells of the cardiovascular fans: their telomeres – the caps on the ends of the chromosomes – were lengthened, and the telomerase – the enzyme involved in supporting the work of these caps – became larger.

“These effects are important for cellular aging, regenerative capacity and, therefore, healthy old age,” says study lead author Ulrich Laufs of the University of Leipzig.

Telomeres, we recall, naturally shrink over time, and as soon as they disappear, the cell dies instead of continuing to divide. Cell death is bad news not only in terms of the appearance of wrinkles and gray hair.

It is also associated with an increased risk of age-related health problems, including heart disease, cognitive decline, and even premature death.

But why does cardio work here? Scientists believe that these types of exercise affect the level of nitric oxide in the blood, which increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure, thereby correcting the behavior of cells.

And this, by the way, is not the first study that linked physical activity with telomeres. Earlier, Health.com wrote, a team of scientists from Brigham Young University (Brigham Young University) found that adults who ran 30–40 minutes five times a week had longer telomeres than inactive people who were 9–10 years old. younger than they are.


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