White House accused Russia of ignoring UN resolution on Syria

UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) – Representatives of the White House have made accusations against Moscow in connection with “ignoring” the UN resolution on Syria.

“The Assad regime, along with its supporters in Moscow and Tehran, must adhere to UN Security Council resolution 2401, stop fighting in and around East Gut and allow unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid,” the White House said.

Resolution 2401 was unanimously adopted by the UN Security Council on February 24, 2018 and implies a ceasefire throughout Syria.

As reported on the official portal of the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian side supported the draft document, which was prepared by Kuwait and Sweden.

“The Russian side supported the draft document prepared by the delegations of Kuwait and Sweden, guided by the tasks of alleviating the humanitarian suffering of the civilian population of the Syrian Arab Republic and taking into account the reflection of our main observations in the text after many days of heated discussions,” the Foreign Ministry said.