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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Under conditions of gross pressure from the United States, with constant interruptions in deliveries, the Huawei does not lose heart, remains calm and calm. The company does not build anything from itself; it is so strong, prepared and firmly holding on to key technologies that it can calmly meet even a collapse on Mount Taishan.

“The further, the better the company turns out to be prepared.” “Plan B,” which Huawei developed for so long, took effect overnight, that it cannot but arouse admiration.

“Plan B” implies the most courageous decisions and constant readiness for the worst. Today, many people admire that the Huawei Company thought out an action plan in an emergency situation more than 10 years ago, but few people know that then both in the company itself and among its competitors there were quite a few who thought that this was all nonsense and unnecessary costs.

“It is necessary to foresee what has not yet happened.” A company focused on long-term development should hope for the best, and prepare for the worst, be aware of its shortcomings and not let the passing success blinded itself. If the company will live for one day, not thinking about the future and solving problems as they arrive, its existence may be in question.

This proves that the most important thing for the company is technical innovations, it is the innovative potential that will decide its future fate in the fight against competitors.

Innovative power is determined not only by physical efforts, but also by openness of views. China is increasingly opening its doors, its companies have never been “lonely knights”, never abandoned partners, even if they are American firms, which is consistent with the laws of technical innovation. In an era of economic globalization, world turnover and the distribution of resources, it is impossible to stand aside, nor manage the whole world.

World culture is diverse due to the exchange and the ability to learn from each other, the flower of innovation also cannot flourish if it is not fed by the whole world.

The latest advances, including the Xkaway microcircuits, have come about through the use and distribution of global innovation resources. Thus, American protectionism and psychological terror deform the state of mind and limit the structure. This behavior will not pass the test of time.

Creating innovation is not a “single battle” and is not a matter of two or three days, but a hard, protracted war. Innovations are created only through the introduction of basic research and education.

On the big screen in the reception office of the Huawei company, there is a commercial on replay, in which the emphasis is placed on the fact that basic research and education are the main driving force of industrial development. “Plan B”, developed by years of hard work, during which a lot of money was spent and a lot of specialists were trained, can come in handy at a difficult moment.

It is easy to talk about the victims for the sake of science. When business circles praised the Huawei, they should pay attention to themselves, stop thinking about fame and profit and learn technical innovations. When firms master innovations and make research and development a part of everyday life, “Made in China” will change to “Created in China”, and companies will not be afraid of any adversity.


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