If you have been playing slots for a period of time you may have encountered a Megaclusters slot, this a unique slot type which offers a different playing style with different bonuses than a traditional slot – check out Aloha slot today. The slot may initially appear very complicated but it is actually very simple once you understand what exactly the features of the slot are. 

What is a Megacluster? 

Developed by Big Time Gaming, a Megacluster is an innovation which aims to be the next step in the evolution of slot gaming. Megacluster slots are actually similar to a cluster pays slot, although they have some stark differences. Despite sharing common principles, the Megacluster slot takes the concept of a cluster pays feature and completely flips it. Unlike a cluster pays slot, Megaclusters don’t have a fixed grid. When players have a symbol which is in the winning combination, this symbol is divided into four much smaller positions. Though the Megacluster can initially appear confusing for players, when you understand how it works it can be incredibly fun and actually have tremendous benefits for your play. The first Megacluster slot is actually more recent than you may have originally thought, it was a slot entitled Star Clusters which was released in June 2020. While it had a brand new gameplay mechanic, players could still enjoy all the traditional aspects of a Big Time Gaming slot such as amazing graphics and a high quality performance. Star Clusters was a hit, it was incredibly volatile but players still enjoyed the higher than average RTP of 96%! 

How does a Megacluster Work? 

Megacluster slots actually work very simply. Using the first release, Star Clusters, as an example, the slot starts with a small grid of four by four. Each time a player gets a winning combination, the slot will give the player a cluster of five winning symbols in either a horizontal or vertical position. The symbols will then either explode or the player will be given another bonus feature. If the symbols explode, they will expand into four new symbols which will cause the grid to get bigger. The slot will increase from a four by four grid to an eight by eight grid, this results in the available symbol positions increasing to be 64. If the player manages to trigger the feature again, the grid will continue to expand. This time it will become a sixteen by sixteen grid, bringing the total number of symbol positions up to a whooping 256! After this the grid will reset, allowing players to continue this feature of increasing the grid size for as long as they can. 

What are the Features of a Megacluster? 

There are several bonus features of a traditional Megacluster slot, these include free spins, multipliers and an avalanche feature. The avalanche feature is not unlike an actual avalanche as players will be treated to cascading symbols which replace older symbols on the grid, it also will lead to a higher payout. 

Final Thoughts

Megaclusters slots can be tremendous fun for players, as long as they know what they are doing. There are also several bonus features to enjoy along with it such as the avalanche feature.