Humankind has always been fascinated by the outer space. Since the beginning of time people have wondered what the outer world looks like and whether we are alone in this world or not. Well, while we have multiple movies and TV shows depicting aliens, all of them are fictional. However, given NASA’s recent findings, it seems like we are closer to making contact with aliens faster than we think. Here are 6 reasons why.

By Curious Mob

Life can begin in space

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NASA just proved the theory that life can indeed begin in outer space. Even though all this time we thought life couldn’t exist without the basic necessities like water and other stuff, NASA ran a simulated test in their outer space environment and showed life can form there. Organic compounds that are floating in space can simply combine with different radiations from the sun or other planets and combine with the solar radiation and you can end up with life-bearing molecules. Fascinating stuff!

The existence of other habitable planets

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All this time we thought only Earth is the only planet that has all the requirements for life to really exist now didn’t we? Well, it’s time to start changing your perceptions. Apparently, there are tons of other planets out there that can and has been exhibiting earth like behavior. Yes, these planets are not part of our solar system aka the Milky Way Galaxy but there exist hundred other solar systems which contain their own set of planets and those planets contain all the essentials for life to fully grow.

Earth is older than we thought

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All the timeline statistics that we knew regarding the earth are actually wrong. As it turns out, life on Earth started out a billion years earlier than we expected. There is a whole theory and proof apparently that stated, life took a longer time to fully develop. This means, during the early years of Earth when it was nothing but a toxic wasteland, life was slowly forming. This can mean one thing, the planets we called non-habitats can have life forming in them as well, it’s just taking longer to fully mature like it did on Earth.

Life exists in extreme conditions


Just because Earth has air, water, and a few other materials, does not mean everywhere in the planet the conditions are the same. There are parts of the Earth where the living conditions are extremely poor. Even in those extreme conditions, life has managed to find a way and exists. We are talking about the bottom of the ocean where the sunlight does not reach. We are talking about hundreds of feet deep buried in the glaciers. A lot of life forms have been discovered from these places. So what makes you think life cannot be formed in other planets where the conditions might be tougher or be extreme?

Molds and Lichens like space

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While human beings and other animals cannot survive in outer space without oxygen and other stuff, they are not the only living organisms in Earth. As part of a research, various mold spores were sent to outer space. After staying outside of the International Space Station for over 18 months, they have returned to Earth with no scratches or bruises.  While a few of them died due to being less UV resistant, most of them returned unharmed. The same can be said about Lichens which were exposed to the lethal cosmic vacuum. They showed zero signs of cell damage.

There is water in the solar system

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Earlier we used to think that the solar system is very dry with the only source of water found in Earth. However, in recent studies done by NASA and other reputable space agencies, it has been found that our solar system is wetter than we can actually imagine. There is water almost everywhere. There are signs of a water ecosystem in Pluto. One of Jupiter’s moon contains more water than the entire water content of Earth. And then there is Mars. Just recently water has been discovered in the red planet. So if there is water in the solar system, surely life can be found very soon.