YEMEN (VOP) – The artillery unit of the Yemeni army on Sunday targeted the positions of the Saudi army in the provinces of Najran and Jizan.

In Najran province, Yemeni forces have targeted Saudi positions in Raqabat Salat, in the Alib Hills and in the al-Baqaa Desert, a security source told Al-Masirah.

In Jizan, Saudi positions in the Dakhan heights and in the bases of al-Qarn and Hamzat al-Shomalia were also fired by Yemeni artillery fire.

The army’s ballistic unit and the Yemeni People’s Committees had already bombarded Saudi mercenaries at Mosalasat al-Ashat in Najran two days ago.

These attacks come in response to repeated strikes by the Saudi-led military coalition over Yemen. The damage caused is considerable. The dead are numerous and most of the country’s infrastructure has been damaged.