The war in Afghanistan will continue until the US leaves the country — Russia

The civil war in Afghanistan will continue until American forces leave there, RIA Novosti reports a statement by former head of the Joint Intelligence Directorate of Pakistan Lieutenant-General Asad Durrani.

He said this at a meeting with cadets and teachers of the Military University of the Russian Defense Ministry.

“I realized that the presence of American troops in Afghanistan is one of the factors that determine the ongoing civil war in this country. And as long as there is a foreign force in Afghanistan, the war there will be inevitable, it will continue, “he said.

He also criticized US policy on crisis situations in various regions of the world, including Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs commented on the publication in The Times of alleged financing of the Taliban movement by Russia. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson accused Russia of supplying arms to the Taliban in August 2017.

The Taliban is a terrorist group whose activities are banned in a number of countries, including Russia.