In WhatsApp, there is a vulnerability that could allow cybercriminals to obtain information about users. The software developer Rob Heaton, who discovered the problem, told about it on his website.

The vulnerability is related to the fact that in WhatsApp there is an opportunity to see when the user from the contact list was last on the network.

This option, enabled by default, can be disabled, but the user can not hide the online status.

Heathon wrote a special extension for the browser Chrome and demonstrated that the information collected about using it on the network can be used to determine the daily routine of the surveillance object.

In addition, Khitan showed that by drawing up the schedules of the daily activity of two users of the messenger, it is possible to determine with a high degree of probability whether they communicate with each other and if so, at what time.

In his opinion, attackers can use this method for surveillance, and the extracted information is of interest to insurance companies and credit agencies.