Viral — Twitter account dedicated to Trump ties

Twitter Account Dedicated To Trump’s Ties Makes ‘Yuge’ Fashion Statement.

The man behind the account says he considers the altered photos “a Rorschach test of satire.”

Since a tie that long can get caught in one’s zipper, it’s considered a fashion faux pas.

Of course, so is holding a tie together with tape, something Trump has also done on numerous occasions.

University of Massachusetts psychology professor Susan Krauss Whitbourne speculates Trump wears his ties so long to either call attention to his genitalia or take the focus away from his protruding gut.

But a new Twitter page, @TrumpsTies, isn’t psychoanalyzing why the president’s ties are so long — it’s just taking his bizarre style choice to its obvious extreme.

The page’s creator is a Chicago-based graphic artist hobbyist who doesn’t want his name tied to the Twitter page. He insists it’s not because he’s afraid of being targeted by Trump trolls — he just doesn’t want his own identity to distract from the project.



HuffPost contributed to this story; Images credit by Twitter account