Vincent van Gogh painting sold at Christie’s auction for $ 81.3 million

Painting of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh was sold at Christie’s auction in New York for $ 81.3 million, the auction house said.

It was assumed that the canvas of 1889 “Plowed Field and Plowman” will bring no less than $ 50 million, the upper limit of the estimated range is $ 65 million.

Van Gogh created it during his stay in a psychiatric hospital at the monastery of St. Paul de Mozole in the environs of Saint-Remy .

The name of the buyer is unknown, it became one of the customers of the Asian division of Christie’s. The same client bought a portrait of the work of Auguste Renoir for $ 8.2 million and a picture of Marc Chagall for $ 1.6 million.

The record price for the works of Van Gogh was established in 1990 – “Portrait of Dr. Gachet” (1890) went under the hammer for $ 82.5 million, according to materials database on auctions Artnet.

Meanwhile, the New York auction Christie’s recorded a record for another artist – the expressionist Fernand Leger’s “Contrast Forms” (1913) sold for $ 70.1 million, whereas previously the cost of his paintings did not rise above $ 39.2 million.

In total, Christie’s raised $ 479.3 million at an auction of Impressionist and Modernist works – above expectations ($ 360 million) and 95% more than at a similar event a year ago. New owners found 60 of 68 lots (88%).