Venezuela’s armed forces and the National Guard are responsible for the violence against anti-government demonstrations in the country. This is stated in the statement of the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro on the situation in the Bolivarian Republic.

“National Bolivarian Guard and its leader, Major-General Benavides Torres, directly responsible for the repression that led to the murder, imprisonment and torture, – the statement says. – The Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Reverol and Major General Benavides Torres led the two organizations authorized to use force in Venezuela.In this sense, they are both responsible for every outburst of aggression, every shot and every death. ”

According to Almagro, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez forced the Venezuelan army to evade compliance with “its main obligations: to respect the constitution and laws.”

“The armed forces can not continue with impunity to kill and torture people, – the document says. – Murder and torture for political reasons, for dissent is a crime against humanity, an international crime. ”

Earlier, the deputy of the National Assembly of the State of Tachira Laidi Gomez said that since the beginning of April on the actions of security forces killed 46 members of street protests.

According to estimates of “monitoring center for social conflict,” non-governmental organization, has more than 950 anti-government protests took place in Venezuela.

It is known that the number of victims in the course of which was close to a thousand people, hundreds were arrested.