The newspaper “New York Times” reported that the administration of US President, Donald Trump, can be used as weapons against cyber and unmanned aircraft, to prevent a possible missile attack by North Korea.

The newspaper said Saturday that a request was sent to Congress last week to allocate 4 billion dollars to address the threat posed by North Korea.

Earlier, Congress had already approved the allocation of $ 8 billion to the missile defense agency.

According to the newspaper, the United States is ready to use cyber weapons to intervene in the operation of missile control systems before launch. In addition, drones and fighter jets can be used to drop them immediately after launch.

It is noted that both options are still in the “pilot phase”.

The confrontation between Pyongyang and Washington has intensified recently in the wake of US and South Korean military exercises to train a strike against the DPRK in case of war.

In South Korea, there are about 28,000 US troops under the pretext of repelling alleged threats from the DPRK.

Pyongyang, in turn, fears the threat of the United States and increases its nuclear and missile capabilities despite strict UN Security Council sanctions imposed last summer.