US wants to increase the number of nuclear weapons because of Russia

US intends to increase the number of nuclear munitions, writes the Huffington Post referring to the available draft edition of Washington’s nuclear doctrine.

A document called “Nuclear Posture Review” was compiled in the Pentagon. It defines the policy in the nuclear sphere, the number and concept of building the country’s nuclear forces for a period of five to ten years.

According to the text of the draft, the administration of President Donald Trump wants to significantly increase the number of low-yield nuclear weapons in order to “strengthen nuclear deterrence.” At the same time, the drafters of the doctrine do not mention that there are already more than a thousand low-power ammunition at the disposal of the United States. Technically, the atomic bombs that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 also had “little power”, notes the Huffington Post. As a result of these bombardments, more than two hundred thousand people were killed.

“Russia is not the Soviet Union, and the Cold War is long past, but despite all our efforts to maintain good relations, Russia sees the US and NATO as the main rivals and an obstacle to the realization of its destabilizing geopolitical goals in Eurasia,” the statement says. in the text.

According to the authors of the project, Moscow assumes that, first by using limited use of nuclear weapons or threatening its use, it can “paralyze” the US and NATO and, thus, end the possible conflict in their favor. “… Russia needs to understand that even if it is the first to use nuclear weapons, it will not allow it to achieve its goals, completely change the nature of the conflict and lead to unacceptable and unrecognizable damage to Moscow “, The authors of the document write.

The DPRK, according to the authors of the project, represents a “clear and serious threat” to the United States. The text also talks about Washington’s nuclear strategy in relation to China and Iran.

“While the United States has reduced the number of nuclear weapons and its importance in the armed forces, other countries, including Russia and China, have moved in the opposite direction,” the document states.

The US defense ministry declined to comment, saying that “they do not discuss preliminary drafts of the document,” writes the Huffington Post. The final version of the Nuclear Capacity Review should be published in February.

Earlier, a former employee of the administration of former President Barack Obama, John Woolfstal, familiar with the latest draft of the document, said that the US will expand the list of circumstances in which they can use their nuclear arsenal. Among the new provisions is a retaliatory strike against a non-nuclear attack that caused massive human casualties or aimed at destroying critical infrastructure facilities, as well as nuclear weapons control centers. In addition, Washington wants to create a new low-power nuclear warhead for the Trident missiles.