US student finds a way to fight cancer

The cure for cancer, the scourge of the 21st century, may be simpler than we think. In any case, this is what an American schoolboy has proved during his experiments as part of a school science exhibition

So, green tea would be able to fight this disease.

Stephen Litt, a 12-year-old American schoolboy, made a discovery that may be of interest to scientists looking for ways to fight cancer.

As part of his preparation for the school science show in the state of Georgia, in the southern United States, the boy found that the antioxidants found in green tea had adverse effects on the cancer cells of worms.

Having analyzed the research on this subject, Stephen ordered all the necessary materials to be able to make a further study. Thus, with the help of his father, a chemist by profession, he built a small laboratory at home.

He then determined four groups of worms to confirm that the polyphenol was able to cure tumors triggered by carcinogens.

The boy was passionate about this subject when he learned that two friends of his family were suffering from this disease.

Stephen won first prize, and scientists from Tufts University invited him to visit their research labs where he received a remarkable experience.

The boy has communicated his willingness to become a researcher to find a way to fight cancer.