Tuesday, February 20, 2018
US fighter jets shoot down Iranian drone in Syria

US fighter jets shoot down Iranian drone in Syria

United States shoots down Iranian drone in Syria, reported Fox News on Tuesday.

A U.S. jet shot down an Iranian drone flying in southern Syria near U.S.-backed forces on Tuesday, a U.S. defense official confirmed to Fox News.

US fighter jets have shot down an Iran-made Syrian drone after it came within firing range of US troops, US reports claim.

Full @CENTCOM statement on the downing of an Iranian made armed drone in Syria today.

Officials told CNN that an American F-15E fighter jet shot down an Iranian-made drone that was “assessed to be a threat” – thought to be armed and in firing range of US troops.

This marks the third downing of a pro-Assad aircraft this month.

Other news outlets claimed defence officials had confirmed the drone had fired on coalition forces near Al-Tanf, near the Syria-Iraq border, before being taken out by the F-15E Strike Eagle jet.

Tara Copp, Pentagon correspondent of military magazine Stars and Stripes, tweeted: “Two defense officials confirm #Syria drone that fired on coalition forces near An-Tanf was taken out by a .@usairforce F-15E Strike Eagle”

The incident comes just days after a US fighter jet shot down a Syrian regime warplane that was dropping bombs near Syrian Democratic Force fighters.