US “seriously considering military intervention in Venezuela”

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — At a closed-door roundtable on April 10 by the think-tank of the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies on Foreign Policy (CSIS), a military intervention in Venezuela was considered, announces The Gray Zoned. Sputnik discussed this with an activist from Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

The secret roundtable organized by the think-tank of the Center for Strategic and International Studies on Foreign Policy (CSIS) on April 10th, on a military intervention project in Venezuela, brought together military and civilian leaders former and current US, others from Colombia and Brazil, as well as trusted people of Juan Guaido. According to The Gray Zone, which has announced the meeting in camera, the military options “would be seriously considered” after the failure of all other attempts by the United States to overthrow the power in Venezuela.

“I suppose that powerful and influential US state structures, including the armed forces, the Congress, the Senate and the government would seriously consider a military intervention in Venezuela. One of the reasons is that they [the Americans] have tried absolutely everything, including an unprecedented attack on Venezuela’s electro-energetic system, with practically nothing done, “activist Francisco Domingue told Sputnik. of Venezuela Solidarity Campaign.

And to recall that the United States had even announced recently to have resumed their purchases of Venezuelan oil, their own reserves being exhausted.

“The boycott, the blockade [Venezuela], it works against the United States, while Venezuela is reorganizing to sell its oil in other markets. Thus, everything suggests that this issue [of military intervention, ed] would be seriously considered by very influential people in the United States,” said the expert.

According to the latter, the Americans have probably hoped that after the disappearance of Chavez, all conditions would be met to overthrow the government of the country.

“They have been trying to do it since 1999. They immediately launched an economic war against Venezuela and have tried everything since then. Nothing has succeeded. And now they are trying a new option of imposing a self-proclaimed interim president, which has not worked either. Thus, after the obvious failure to cross the human-military border to humanitarian assistance and this cyberattack against Venezuela’s energy system, they have no doubt realized that they will not be able to obtain what they want, including the overthrow of the government. Venezuelan without perpetrating anything dramatic. But time is working for Nicolas Maduro,” summed up the activist.

The political crisis in Venezuela erupted when the opponent Juan Guaido, dismissed on 22 January from the post of President of the National Assembly on decision of the Supreme Court, proclaimed himself the following day “President in office of the country”, taking the oath in the street.

More than fifty countries, led by the United States, have recognized him as a legitimate head of state. The re-elected President, Nicolas Maduro, for his part denounced an attempted coup orchestrated by the opposition with the support of Washington. Russia, China and several other countries have supported Nicolas Maduro.

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