US, Russia can discuss new zones of de-escalation in Syria — State Department

The United States is interested in discussing new zones of de-escalation in Syria during a possible meeting between Russian leader Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump,  stated by State Department spokesman Heather Nauert.

According to her, many are interested in whether negotiations between the two leaders will take place.

“I can say that if they meet, but for the time being there is no announcement on this, because it is not included in the official schedule, one of the points that we would like to discuss is the creation of new de-escalation zones in Syria,” Nauert said.

Earlier, the assistant to the Russian president Yuri Ushakov said that the meeting between Putin and Trump will be held on November 10.

Doctor of Political Science, Americanist Dmitry Evstafiev, in a conversation with the NSO, assessed the possible meeting of the two leaders.