US police killed a pregnant African American woman



US state of Washington police have killed a pregnant African American woman while responding to her call about a crime.


Charleena Lyles, 30, called police on Sunday to report a burglary at her apartment but the officers who arrived at the scene killed her because of her allegedly violent behavior.

According to a statement by Seattle police, the mother-of-four was “armed with a knife” and “confronted” two officers who were investigating her phone call.

It was not clear whether the woman’s three other children—aged one, four and 11— who were home at the time had witnessed their mom’s death.

“They didn’t only take one life – they took two lives,” Wanda Cockerhern, Lyles cousin, told the Guardian on Monday. “And they destroyed the four lives of her children.”

Noting that the four-year-old girl had Down’s syndrome and could not understand the situation, Cockerhern said he wanted justice for Lyles and her children.