US plans to deploy additional forces in Afghanistan

The United States plans in early 2018 to deploy in Afghanistan another brigade of servicemen who will assist local forces in the fight against militants of the Taliban, said Brigadier General Lance Bunch of the US Air Force.

“In early 2018, a new brigade of assistance to the security forces (Afghanistan) will be deployed in the theater (military operations) and will further strengthen our ability to advise the Afghan forces that are entering the new war season,” Bunch said at a briefing, noting that this is planned to be done in the first quarter.

He noted that the decision to deploy additional forces was made within the framework of the new strategy of the US administration in Afghanistan.

Currently, there are about 14.5 thousand US military in Afghanistan. Earlier it was reported that the number of US military advisors in this country will be increased, they will serve at the battalion level, assisting local military.

Since 2001, the US, together with its allies, has been conducting a military operation in Afghanistan against the Taliban militants. Since 2015, the country has a non-military mission of NATO “Strong Support”, whose main goal is to train and advise representatives of Afghan law enforcement agencies.

Later, NATO has repeatedly stated that it does not intend to return to a military operation in Afghanistan and does not consider it a mistake to stop the military mission in 2014.