UNITED STATES – The United States will soon announce the most severe economic sanctions against the DPRK , US media reported citing US Vice President Mike Pens.

“I report that the United States will soon announce another series of economic sanctions against the DPRK, which will be the most severe and aggressive ever used,” US journalists said on Twitter.

M. Pens will lead the US delegation at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The American media do not rule out that at the Olympics the US vice-president can hold a meeting with high-ranking officials of the DPRK.

“Taking into account the trip of the Vice-President to the Olympics, and depending on whether there will be an opportunity for such a meeting with the representatives of the DPRK, I think we will see,” US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson answered the correspondent’s question during his visit to Peru.

“Let’s see what will happen,” the Secretary of State added, stressing that one should not take his answer as “no.”

“President Trump said that he always believes in the power of the negotiations.” Let’s see, “M. Pens replied to the journalists’ questions during his visit to Alaska, noting that the American side was not and will not be the initiator of such a meeting.

Last Monday, the Vice President left Washington to visit Alaska, Tokyo and Seoul on the eve of the start of the Olympics on February 9.