US military command rejected accusations of participation in the attack on the base of Khmeimim

The US military has nothing to do with the drone attacks committed against Russian bases in Syria, a spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Kenneth Mackenzie, said on Thursday.

During a briefing in Washington, he first said that he would not comment on this topic. However, later, in response to a request to clarify whether the United States has anything to do with what happened in Syria, Mackenzie replied: “I can tell you quite unequivocally that the US has nothing to do with the attack of drones against the Russian base.”

Earlier on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he had discussed the situation in Syria over the phone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in particular, the recent raid on Hmeymim base by Idlib, controlled by the Turks.

As a result of this conversation, Putin at a meeting with the chief editors of print media expressed confidence that the Turkish side is not involved in this attack.

“Before entering this room, I talked with the Turkish president from the next cabinet, including discussing this situation, I am sure that neither the Turkish military, Turkish leadership, nor the Turkish state have any incident to this incident relations, “the Russian president stressed.

At the same time, he said, the organizers of the provocation are known to the Russian side.

“We know who they are, we know how much and to whom they paid for this provocation,” Putin said, responding to a question from Interfax.

Earlier, the Defense Ministry said that on the night of January 6, the Russian military prevented the attack of 13 drone drones at the bases of the Russian Federation in Syria Khmeimim and Tartus. Ten UAVs were approaching the Russian airbase “Khmeimim” and three more – to the point of material and technical support of the Russian Navy in Tartus.

The Russian military department also said that at the time of the attack on Khmeimim, a reconnaissance aircraft of the US Navy was spotted.