US Democratic Party found Russian influence in 19 European countries

The report of the US Democratic Party on Russian influence contains data on Moscow’s interference in the affairs of at least 19 countries in Europe.

Information on this was distributed by the Associated Press on Wednesday, January 10.

Russia allegedly “is conducting an inexorable offensive to undermine democracy and rule of law in Europe and the United States,” said Senator Democrat Ben Cardin, the initiator of the report.

At the same time, the Democrats accuse President of the United States Donald Trump of inaction and propose to strengthen interaction between US departments on the problem of Russian intervention. The document itself will be presented to the Congress today.

On December 30, it was reported that an investigation into alleged interference by the Russian Federation in the US presidential elections in 2016 was initiated due to the fact that Trump’s ex-adviser in his campaign headquarters, George Papadopoulos, in a conversation with an Australian diplomat, intoxicated, accused Russia of having information that blacked Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, after the victory of Trump in the direction of the Russian Federation, accusations of alleged interference and assistance to Trump fell.

Russia has repeatedly noted the unsubstantiated and absurd nature of these allegations.

On December 30, Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov called the charges part of the internal political struggle in the United States.