The US would be creating an American Gestapo?

US President Donald Trump speaks on tax reform inside a hangar at the Harrisburg International Airport on October 11, 2017 in Middletown, Pennsylvania. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN
Donald Trump’s initiative to create private intelligence proved his inconsistency during the Iraq war, a former FBI agent explained that this engages the US in a “slippery” terrain.

The administration of US President Donald Trump plans to create a new private spy ring, informs The Intercept , referring to anonymous sources. Expected to cover the entire planet, this body will be governed only by the head of state and the CIA.

However, as noted in his commentary to Sputnik Mark Rossini, former FBI special agent, this approach may engage Washington on a slippery slope.

“The establishment of a similar organization is a dangerous step and the war in Iraq has proved it. The administration of President Bush Junior , or rather Cheney and Rumsfeld, were not satisfied with the data provided by US intelligence. So a new organization was born within the Pentagon that provided the data needed to justify the intervention in Iraq, “he says.

By creating private organizations that act by bypassing state structures “we are on a slippery slope,” Rossini argues, stressing that the information received by the information can not be adapted to a pre-established opinion.

“Intelligence data should help shape opinion on a particular issue. It is precisely with the help of the latter that we must adopt the decision on the actions to be taken and on the course to be maintained. Otherwise, it amounts to making clues to the military court, “added Sputnik’s interlocutor.

A significant number of former FBI agents live around the world. They may notice something illegitimate or simply stumble upon information that may interest their former superiors. But sometimes, the situation can be opposed, says Rossini: “The government can realize that an ex-agent lives in the region that interests them and say:” Can you do us a favor, can you take a photo “We have neither the time nor the staff on site”. However, this person will not be covered by diplomatic immunity as practicing officers.

And to point the question of reputation. “Every time you get out of the existing framework, you go down the road of fraud, which is a crime,” he points out before concluding that private information can be asked to supplement the information provided. at our disposal, but not to replace the official information.