US Air Force conducted reconnaissance at the demarcation line on the Korean Peninsula

The US Army EO-5C aircraft (or the designation of its Canadian manufacturer – DHC-7), intended for carrying out low-level multifunctional reconnaissance, on Wednesday made another flight along the military demarcation line between the DPRK and South Korea, follows from the monitoring data western aviation sites.

According to their information, the aircraft with the number N89068 and the call sign ALLIED1 carried out a long flight approximately 30 km from the demarcation line, being in the airspace of South Korea.

In recent months, these reconnaissance aircraft regularly conduct observation flights along the overland part of the military demarcation line between the DPRK and South Korea.

On Wednesday, two B-1B Lancer strategic bombers also made flights near the borders of North Korea. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, in particular, one of the bombers simulated an air strike on a landfill on the north-eastern coast of the country. During the flight he was accompanied by South Korean and American fighters, including the US Air Force F-35A invisible fighter aircraft.

Heavy bombers flew from the Andersen air base on the American island of Guam in the western Pacific. In a non-stop circular flight, they were accompanied by two KC-135 tanker aircraft.

As reported, against the backdrop of the worsening situation in the region after the tests in the DPRK of the intercontinental ballistic missile of the United States and South Korea on Monday began large-scale joint air-force exercises “Vigilant Ace”, which involved about 230 aircraft, including the newest American unobtrusive fighters F-22 and fighter-bombers F-35A.

North Korea called the US-South Korean exercise, which will last until December 8, “declaration of war.”

Last week, the DPRK launched the Hwaseon-15 intercontinental ballistic missile. According to Pyongyang, this missile is capable of reaching any point on the continental US.