United States would lose the battle for Europe against China

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — Angela Merkel has again openly spoken out against Donald Trump, this time in the context of the dispute over the company Huawei.

The German Chancellor has promised that Germany will continue to do business with the Chinese company Huawei despite the ban on the United States, recalls the daily Vzgliad . The Chinese are proposing to quickly, professionally and cheaply cover Germany in 5G networks, which will allow the emergence in this country not only of “intelligent houses”, but also of whole “intelligent cities”.

“We must not be naive,” said Merkel, citing foreign companies’ access to the 5G technology market. And to point out that Germany did not intend to set up artificial obstacles to the projects of foreign companies.

Answering a question about the activity of the famous Huawei company, Angela Merkel said she did not intend to exclude an economic actor simply because he represented another country.

The Chancellor recalled the requirements of the German authorities vis-à-vis companies wishing to participate in the establishment of 5G networks, stating that Germany would act in accordance with these.

According to the German official, Berlin does not intend to give up the equipment of Chinese supplier Huawei, but will still take significant security measures.

The Europeans’ mistrust of Huawei is currently being felt in the debate on the implementation of 5G. Since the United States has accused Huawei of espionage, without providing any evidence, the company is under threat of sanctions. Washington demanded of all its allies that they cease to cooperate with the Chinese company.

In December, at the request of the US, Huawei Meng Wanzhou’s chief financial officer was detained in Canada on suspicion of violating US sanctions against Iran. Another Huawei collaborator, suspected of espionage, was arrested in Poland in January.

The Trump administration plans to nationalize the country’s 5G networks for better control and protection against foreign influence, according to a report by a senior American official who “leaked” into the press.

According to the experts, this plan highlights the fear before China because it is obvious that the US began to lose the technological war against Beijing.

The Chinese giant Huawei has become the world’s largest producer of telecommunications equipment. As for the US Internet giants, they have already failed to meet all the deadlines for setting up the 5G network in the US and could take much longer than Huawei and at a much higher cost. But that does not seem to upset Washington, which continues to force all its allies to give up the services of the Chinese and to collaborate only with American companies.

German political scientist Alexander Rahr described the Huawei dispute as “a new test that shows how the EU, and especially Germany, can defend their commercial interests against the United States”.

“It’s a very sensitive theme. The Americans are waging a trade war against the Chinese and have already warned that if the Germans continue to work with Huawei, if they continue to open access to European markets for the Chinese company, the US could review the cooperation between the two. countries at the intelligence services level, “said Alexander Rahr.

According to the latter, the US pressure on Germany is currently increasing because of the activity of Huawei, but also the Nord Stream 2 project. But it is unlikely that Germany will yield because it wishes itself that its companies are involved in the modernization of China, as well as other joint projects.

“We will cooperate with China, while monitoring that Chinese companies do not interfere too deeply in our technical and operational issues,” said the German Minister of the Economy.

Moreover, the same arguments had been expressed 10 years ago against Russia when it wanted to participate in the purchase of shares of German companies, Alexander Rahr recalls.

“It’s hard to say who will win in this conflict and whether a compromise is possible. Washington is exerting undeniable pressure on Europe and does not want to hear any objections,” he says.

“The fight for 5G is a big battle for the whole new technological order. It’s not just a new internet speed – it’s a completely different industry. It’s a battle for industrial potential, for technological growth. The Americans are trying to deprive China of this competitive advantage that would give it access to 5G. That’s why they force all their partners to give up Huawei’s equipment. This battle will be very serious and Europe will be the main theater of operations,” says Dmitri Abzalov, president of the Center for Strategic Communications.

“However, in this area the Americans are already late not only on the Chinese, but also on the Koreans. Americans do not have a turnkey solution yet: they are only developing it. Secondly, the American “key” will be more expensive anyway,” says the expert.

“In China, almost all the infrastructure is ready. The Chinese manufacture the equipment themselves and develop the infrastructure, they have the turnkey solution. The Americans were taken aback. They understood that if they did not put pressure on Huawei today, within five years all of Europe would be covered by the 5G networks installed by the Chinese.”

As a result, Americans are already losing the most important key: access to intellectual property.

“For Europe it is essential to use the new networks in the industry. It is not just smart hardware that allows the development of the concept of “smart home”, “smart city”, “smart state” and smart home appliances, but it is also useful for industrial use”, explains the expert.

“The Chinese are actively developing in the European market after the US market has been closed to them. They have an agreement with the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Rumor has it that Washington’s allies are beginning to oppose US demands to boycott Huawei. British officials have already said that even if Huawei was a Chinese company, they did not consider it necessary to completely abandon its equipment,” says Abzalov.

The tone is clear in recent days in Germany about the USA. On Tuesday, Deputy Speaker of the Lower House of the German Parliament Wolfgang Kubicki put forward a sensational requirement: to proclaim the American ambassador Richard Grenell persona non grata. It was not related to information technology, but to the ambassador’s requirement to allocate 2% of German GDP to defense.

“Our tolerance also has limits,” said Wolfgang Kubicki. According to him, “when you are an American diplomat, you can not behave like a high commissioner on the occupied territories, you have to know!”

Wolfgang Kubicki represents in the Bundestag the Free Democratic Party (FDP), which reflects the interests of big business, has often been part of the government, and has always been considered more pro-American than others.

According to Alexander Rahr, the dispute around Huawei proves once again that the United States seeks to divide Europe.

“It is said that Russia is dividing Europe. False! It is America which divides Europe by its declarations, and China because of its side Beijing works actively with the countries of Eastern Europe … Some of these countries openly defend China on the platforms of the EU because they receive a lot of money from the Chinese. As a result, there are now countries in the EU that actively cooperate with China, and the Baltic countries or Poland that refuse to cooperate,” Alexander Rahr concludes.

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