UN considering a draft resolution against the Trump decision on Jerusalem

United Nations Security Council meeting on peacekeeping reform, Sept. 21, 2017
UN Security Council members on Saturday began a draft resolution condemning US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Reuters and AFP, which obtained a copy of the one-page project, reported that the document was distributed among members of the Security Council by Egypt.

The two agencies explained that the text of the draft resolution stresses that “any unilateral decisions relating to the status of Jerusalem have no legal effect and must be abolished.”

However, the document does not mention the United States or Trump’s decision specifically.

Reuters and AFP quoted diplomatic sources as saying the Security Council could vote on the draft by Monday or Tuesday.

The adoption of the draft requires the approval of nine members of the Council out of 15 with no vote against it by any of the permanent members of the Council, namely Russia, the United States, Britain, France and China, which has the right of veto.

This move comes in response to the US president’s announcement on December 6 that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and begins transferring its embassy there to the holy city of Tel Aviv.

Trump’s decision triggered a wave of anger in the Arab and Muslim worlds, as well as criticism from most Western countries.

The Palestinians adhere to East Jerusalem as the capital of their hoped-for state, based on the resolutions of the international community, which does not recognize all the consequences of Israel’s occupation of the city in 1967, its annexation in 1980 and its declaration of East and West Jerusalem as a “united and eternal capital”.