In the debate about whether there was life on Mars, most often the victory is gained by the proponents of the hypothesis that the Red Planet was once inhabited. Moreover, many scientists are sure that once upon a time it was bigger in size.

In addition, the celestial body is in the inhabited zone, which means that the sun’s rays could have heated it to such an extent that some water bodies appeared.

It is supposed that on Mars there were also oceans, and lakes, and small rivers. But once the planet was subjected to a hard bombardment of asteroids. The blow was so strong that here and there the cortex broke away from the surface. Thus, Mars lost some of its mass and could no longer hold the water necessary for life in liquid form.

So, theoretically, life on the planet could very soon have been born. Was it reasonable – to say today no one can, but most likely, the organisms would not have time to develop to a sufficiently high level. Even this theory of the origin and death of life on Mars is very conditional and hypothetical.

Anyway, but today the Red Planet is completely lifeless. The atmosphere here is very weak, so that any heavenly body can easily reach the surface of Mars. Because of the constant space bombardment, the planet’s relief is constantly changing, taking absolutely bizarre forms.

To understand exactly what is happening on the planet is impossible – too much distance from it separates. But for the fantasies of supporters of the alternative science of ufology – an incredible space.

Given that their serious equipment ufologists do not, all the research they do only on the photographs taken by the instruments of different scientific organizations. For example, the US aerospace agency NASA, whose website is freely available, there are many photographs of the same Red Planet made by rovers and other equipment at different times.

Recently, another such picture attracted the attention of the next ufologists. Looking at the image, “specialists in green men” saw just three signs that the planet is now inhabited. Among them – sculptures with almost human faces and a seashell, confirming that somewhere close there is a pond.

These “findings” made it possible for ufologists to talk about the fact that NASA and its similar organizations simply “deny the obvious,” saying that there is no life on Mars. That’s the evidence, they convince, forgetting that in the picturesque Martian landscape they had seen many incredible objects before, but all of them turned out to be original stones created by the nature of Mars itself.

Remember how not long ago UFOologists trumpeted about the sensational discovery – on Mars they found the entrance to the “underground alcove lair.” And even earlier, ufologist Scott Waring, saw in the NASA image traces of the house of the Lilliput – a small door to the dwelling.

And more recently, Waring said that he saw on Mars a living lizard . Scientists have explained such findings in one word: pareidolia. This is such a visual illusion that makes it necessary to “recognize” particularly impressionable people familiar images when looking at something incomprehensible and therefore mysterious.