UFO, hostile forces… A small Russian village “terrorized” by extraterrestrials

A UFO “parked” in a Russian village, not far from Moscow, seems a surreal fact. But what is he doing in this rural world? In fact, it is a monument erected by the inhabitants to immortalize their “rendez-vous” with extraterrestrials. Er … Real “little green men”? A famous astrophysicist, however, has reversed their ubiquitous stories.

For the inhabitants of the Russian village of Protasovo, some 50 km from Moscow, the “little green men” are not sci-fi heroes, but real characters who have visited their locality many times over the years. 1990. Impressed by these “meetings”, they even installed a metal UFO at the entrance to the town. Intrigued, Sputnik went there to unravel the truth of the fake.

Few did not see alien spaceships appearing in the village and surrounding areas about ten years ago. And talking about “weird visitors” is one of the most common topics of conversation among locals.

– The enchanted forest –

One of Sputnik’s interlocutors, Tatiana Riubakova, spotted two UFOs in 1991, as she was getting off the bus and heading for the factory where she was working at the time.

“I saw many people who looked in the same direction, where our forest stood. There were two flying saucers in the air. I was impressed. Then the objects vanished. ”

According to Lioudmila Pakhomova, born in the neighboring village, she heard about the wood in question from her childhood. The village elders often warned the children because, according to them, “hostile forces” were hiding there.

“They were asking us never to go into the forest. In fact, I do not feel comfortable every time I go out looking for mushrooms or picking wild berries.”

Mrs. Pakhomova, too, has seen strange objects floating over the trees several times. According to Lioudmila, the “extraterrestrial vessels” were bright, spherical and moving in a chaotic manner, not like planes or helicopters.

We dared to penetrate into this “sinister” wood, which nevertheless turned out to be a forest like the others. Neither hostile forces nor frightening monsters, but birds and even a little hare…

– “Direct contact” –

Among the inhabitants of this small town, there are even those who claim to have met extraterrestrials in person. Like, for example, the father and the son Ilichev.

“It was about 15 years ago. One night, I woke up and turned to the window for no reason. And there, I saw a strange blue creature. She looked me in the eyes while telepathically sending messages: “Come here, come here …” said Vladimir Ilichev.

He found the strength to say, “No, go away!” According to Vladimir, there was another creature, who was about 20 meters from his “visitor”.

“When I told my wife about this episode, she did not believe me, she was sure I had dreamed. And then Dima, our son, saw an alien a few days later.”

Just like his father, Dmitri, aged 12 at the time, woke up one night and saw a being out the window.

“I was afraid. He asked me to follow him telepathically, but I said “no”. He then disappeared.”

According to Vladimir, his visitors were more than two meters tall, with big heads and thin. After these two meetings, he never saw extraterrestrials again, but, laughing, he said he would be happy to “chat” with them again.

It should be noted that no other inhabitant of the village came into contact with the “little green men”. And, in fact, the description of the extraterrestrials made by Vladimir is very much like the heroes of many films devoted to this subject.

– An impartial point of view –

To unravel the facts of fiction, was interviewed Vladimir Lipounov, an astrophysicist, professor at Moscow’s Lomonosov State University, a doctor of science, who created MASTER’s unique global network of robotic telescopes 15 years ago.

Thanks to these robots, the teacher and his team are able to observe the sky and detect any object that appears.

“We began our observation activities in the Moscow region. We’ve made millions of snapshots, and I can assure you that our telescopes have not recorded any extraterrestrial spacecraft.”

According to Mr. Lipounov, the objects that the inhabitants of the village saw could have been Russian planes because not far from this town is the Chkalovsky military airport.

The residents of Protasovo disagree on this point because they believe that planes and helicopters fly over the area regularly, and have nothing to do with what they saw.

Thus, the history of this village remains a mystery. Everyone is free to decide whether it is the overflowing imagination of these people or whether there are indeed unknown objects whose nature is impossible to define.