U.S. probe “New Horizons” flies over the last celestial body from Earth


UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — A probe of the US space agency “NASA” on Tuesday over the celestial orbit, a precedent in the world of space as the “New Horizons” approached the asteroid “Ultima Toll” located six billion and 400 million kilometers from the Earth, in a very long distance About the sun.

“No probe has ever explored a crime so far,” said scientific director Alan Stern.


Shaving probe “New Horizons” of the US Space Agency (NASA) Tuesday over the orb farthest from the earth, as announced scientific director of the task Alan Stern.

“Well done New Horizons!” Said Alan Stern. The Johns Hopkins Laboratory of Applied Physics in Maryland celebrated the moment at 5:33 GMT when the probe set its sights on the asteroid UltimaTole, which is about 6 billion to 400 million kilometers from Earth, far too far from the sun to keep it frozen. Maintain the elements that make up at the beginning of the formation with the emergence of the solar system four billion and 500 million years ago.

“No probe has ever explored a crime so far,” Stern said.

The asteroid Ultima Tol is located in the Kuiper Belt, a cloud of ancient bodies that encapsulates the solar system.

Scientists hope the observation of this object will allow a better understanding of how the solar system is formed.


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