U.S. may refuse to create independent space forces

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UNITED STATES (VOP TODAY NEWS) — The space forces, the creation of which was announced in June by President Donald Trump, may not become an independent full-fledged type of the US Armed Forces, but will become part of the US Air Force.

About this with reference to confidential sources reported on Wednesday evening the online magazine Defense One.

According to him, the US Department of Defense, which for several months persistently developed – pursuant to the presidential order – a plan to create the sixth type of troops, from October 26 began to consider alternative options for the formation of space forces, which was the result of receiving new instructions from the White House.

The reason for this change, as unnamed representatives told the publication, was the fears arising in the Trump administration that his idea of ​​the independence of the Space Forces would not receive support in the US Congress.

As a result, the Pentagon, reports the publication, began to consider four options: Space forces in the Air Force with the involvement of only their capabilities; the same option, but with the involvement of space-related capabilities of the Navy and the Ground Forces; the creation of independent forces with the inclusion in them of specialized units of the Air Force, Navy and Land Forces; the latter option with the addition of the capabilities of the US intelligence community.

All these options, according to information received by the publication, will be discussed at the upcoming meeting on Thursday of US Vice President Michael Pence and First Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, in charge of efforts to create Space Forces.

The Ministry of Defense and the White House, the newspaper writes, refused to comment on information about new instructions from the administration regarding alternative options for forming new forces.

The order to create the Space Forces Trump gave June 18. At a meeting in the White House with members of the National Space Council, he said that for America it is not enough just to maintain its presence in space, but it is necessary to dominate there. Proceeding from this, as the President noted then, he ordered the Ministry of Defense to launch the process of forming the Space Forces.


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