SYRIA, AFRIN – Kurdish forces confirmed on Monday that the Turkish military campaign against the Kurdish-held town of Afrin in northern Syria killed 180 civilians and injured 413 others.

In a statement, the troops said that the civilian victims, including women, children and the elderly, said the names of the wounded and dead were documented in Afrin hospital.

The statement added that the Turkish campaign, which began on January 20 against the city of Afrin, killed 98 fighters with Kurdish-led forces.

With regard to the Turkish side and the Syrian warring rebels fighting against the Kurdish forces in Afrin, the statement said that 862 Turkish-backed troops were killed.

The Turkish air force carried out 668 air raids on Afrin, the statement said, adding that Turkish-backed forces had carried out up to 2,645 “indiscriminate attacks” with various weapons.

He said the Kurdish-led forces had succeeded in dropping two Turkish helicopters and two unmanned aircraft, killing 11 Turkish soldiers.

“Kurdish forces destroyed 51 armored vehicles and destroyed 15 other vehicles,” the statement said.

Since January 20, Turkish forces, along with their Syrian allies, have been conducting a cross-border military operation in an attempt to kill Kurdish militias from Afrin.

The Turkish military campaign, dubbed the “Olive Branch Operation,” was aimed at crossing the border in Afrin in January to topple fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, which Ankara regards as the Syrian League of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighting for self-rule in southeastern Turkey.

A recent report by the United Nations said at least 15,000 people had been displaced since the start of the Turkish military operation against Kurdish fighters in Afrin.