Turkey spying on German politicians — report

German politicians are under surveillance by Turkish intelligence agency, reported Turkish and German media on Wednesday.

Turkey’s intelligence agency has been increasingly gathering information on German politicians, according to a report.

Prosecutors already launched an investigation into Turkey’s alleged spying earlier this year.

According to German DW, some German parliamentarians have been warned that they may be under Turkish surveillance.

Ankara has reportedly been collecting an increasing amount of information on Bundestag members who are involved in defense as well as domestic and foreign policy.

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A spokeswoman for Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) confirmed to Welt that the agency met with German MPs “in recent weeks” to discuss “safety” concerns, since “protecting members of the Bundestag is a legal task of the BKA.”

“Possible activities of foreign intelligence agencies” were also discussed in these meetings, the spokeswoman added.

BKA officials specifically told MPs they may be under surveillance by Turkey’s intelligence agency, reported Welt. German politicians were also told about a possible “hazardous situation” posed by Turkish nationalists.