Turkish authorities are ready to unlock the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, there will be removed if the content of supporting terrorism and Turkey if Wikipedia is to pay taxes, said the minister of transport, navigation and communications Jurisdictions Ahmet Arslan on Thursday.

Council for Information Technologies and Communications of Turkey said earlier that “in accordance with the law of 5651, as a result of technical and legal assessment from 29 April to apply administrative measures in relation to the site wikipedia.org┬╗.

Previously, the law has repeatedly been criticized by the opposition, as it, in its view, not only violates freedom of expression, but severely restricts citizens’ right to access to information.

“You can not show Turkey as a country that supports terrorism, such biased coverage causes great harm to the country and its image abroad. Wikipedia text editor sent us did not put on the site, did not clean the wrong content.

Therefore, the decision was made to access is closed. Now there is a trial. But if Wikipedia will correct errors and place the correct information, we will open access “, – the minister said on tekekanala NTV.

“We expect that they will act within the law. We want to fully meet the requirements of the courts, and we demand that this site is not used as part of a smear campaign in Turkey.┬áMore importantly, that their office was opened in Turkey. They receive income from activities carried out in Turkey. We want them to pay taxes, “- said Arslan.