US President Donald Trump should be more careful in the decisions and in the choice of words, so as not to provoke the North Korean leadership and unleash a nuclear conflict.

With such a warning made in the broadcasting company NBC, former US Secretary of Defense and  former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Leon Panetta.


“Statements of the administration once again contribute to the provocations that occur. I think we (the US) should be more careful, “- said Panetta.

“We should not take rash actions. None of the former US presidents in recent history not pulled the trigger, when it came to the DPRK. And there is an explanation, “- continued the former head of the Pentagon. “Potentially, we are able to provoke a nuclear war that will take millions of lives, we must be careful”, – warned Panetta.

“In Seoul, there are 20 million people who are potential targets in the case of North Korean attacks. We have provided China an opportunity to connect (to the peaceful settlement of the situation on the Korean peninsula). We have to see that they (Beijing) will be able to do, “- he suggested, commenting on the US NBC data availability strike” pre-emptive strike with the help of conventional arms “on North Korea.

The situation on the Korean peninsula flared up again at the beginning of last year, when North Korea carried out a nuclear test, and later launched a ballistic missile with an artificial satellite of the Earth. In September 2016, the DPRK conducted another nuclear test, in the course of the year produced more than 20 missile launches. These launches will continue this year, after a similar test in early March, the command of US troops in the Republic of Korea reported that begin deploying anti-aircraft missile complex THAAD in this country, despite the objections of Moscow and Beijing.

The United States has repeatedly stated that they are considering all possible options against North Korea. April 9, it became known that the Pacific Command of the US Armed forces headed towards the Korean Peninsula carrier battle group led by the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. The decision has caused increased concern about North Korea’s leadership, which does not exclude the possibility of a missile attack by the United States. In these circumstances, in Pyongyang, declare their intention to strengthen their nuclear-missilepotential against the backdrop of Washington’s aggressive policy.

– North Korea has named a possible air strike targets in the event of US aggression –

Attack North Korean forces will undergo US military bases in Japan, South Korea and the residence of the President in Seoul, said the General Staff of the army of the DPRK.

In the case of aggression by North Korea Washington is attacking US military bases and the president’s residence in Seoul, according to a statement by the representative of the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army.

All the political, economic and military provocative machinations are strongly disrupted by the heavy-duty response of our army and people.

North Korea’s General Staff

As the representative of the General Staff, the DPRK response will include options for a preemptive strike on land, sea and air.

As potential targets for a strike called US military base in Osan, Kunsan and Pyeongtaek, as well as the presidential residence, “Cheong Wa Dae,” the General Staff of the KPA that threatens to “turn to ashes in a matter of minutes.” He urged not to forget that the North Korean missiles targeted on American bases in Japan and the United States.

In addition, the General Staff said that they are ready to attack American aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”.

Earlier, media reported that the US can pre-emptive strike on North Korea to prevent another nuclear test by Pyongyang.

It is noted that the United States has transferred two destroyers closer to the shores of North Korea – ships with cruise missiles “Tomahawk” are within 300 miles of the proposed location of future trials.

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