Trump compared himself to Reagan

President of the United States Donald Trump said that he had to put up with false news and false books, but the American leader intends to get the confrontation, as the 40th US president Ronald Reagan managed to do.

Trump said about this in his on his Twitter account.

“I had to put up with the false news from the first day, as soon as I announced that I would run for president. Now I have to put up with a lying book written by a completely discredited author. Ronald Reagan had the same problem, and he coped well with it. As it turns out and I have!” – wrote Trump.

Recall, we are talking about the book by journalist Mike Wolfe about Donald Trump “Fire and rage: inside the White House Trump”, which went on sale in US storesfour days ahead of schedule.

According to the author of the book, the publication can lead to the resignation of the current US president and will cause “the effect of the naked king.” Donald Trump himself called this book “a complete fantasy”.

According to him, the book is full of lies and distortions. At the same time, Trump said that he would not file a lawsuit against the journalist and publishers of the book.