Top 8 Tips to Conquer the Fear of Math

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Mathematics is a compulsory subject in academics and essential in several fields covering accounting, finance, natural science, engineering, physics and chemistry etc. But unfortunately, most of the students are affected by the disease of ‘Mathophobia’. What is Mathophobia? This is a harmless disease that spread its dreadful clutch and attacks almost all the students. Even a math nerd also becomes a victim of some of its symptoms at the threshold of the semesters. The symptoms are anxiety, reluctance, tension, aversion and fear of appearing in the math exams or solving math problems.

Pythagoras Theorem, Newton-Raphson method, Euler’s theorem, Starling Bessel’s theory all rolled into the subject namely ‘mathematics’. Indeed Mathematics comes as a nightmare for the students. But escaping from the problem will certainly be an act of cowardice and idiocy because it is one of the most important subjects. Staying away from this issue is not a solution. Rather than being an escapist try to embrace the subject along with its numerous positive aspects. Try the following tips to overcome your math phobia and get success in this field.

  • Choose your suitable math courses:

Every student has a different IQ level and learning capability. Pursuing a more advanced course than your level will complicate the matter more, as you will lag behind the pace and the material of the course. Discuss with your teachers, parents and advisors regarding your appropriate level and select a math course accordingly. Many institutions and online sites provide different math courses. Mymathlab is one of the latest additions. Some of the websites also provide mymathlab answers along with the materials of the math courses to help the students to combat with the difficulties.

  • Stay positive & slay the fear:

This is the rule of the millennium and applicable for all the challenging tasks. Do not murmur discouraging words in your mind while doing the math. Do not leave any space for the questions like “I cannot solve any complicated math problem” or “Am I dull-headed?” These types of negative thoughts can destroy your confidence and shift your focus. Enter the exam hall with an optimistic mind and believe in yourself. You need to channel your concentration towards the methods of solving math problems. Our positive outlook certainly helps you to believe in your potential and do better in math paper.

  • Do not think twice of asking Questions:

The concepts of math problem are interconnected. If you skip any area in the beginning, you won’t be able to understand the formula and the tactics later. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions to your teachers whenever you are confused about any concepts. Whether you are doing regular classes in math or pursuing any online math course, reach out to the teachers for clearing your doubts. You won’t be able to dust off the fear of math unless you adept the concepts well.

  • No alternative for Practice:

The success of the math lies in three ‘P’s. Practice, practice and practice.  The famous American mathematician Paul Richard Halmos once said “The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics”. There is no other better way to grasp the root of mathematics than rigorous practice. Therefore, invest the quality amount of time everyday to do math and sharpen your mathematical skill. Make a routine and allot a particular time in a day for mathematics. This regular practice will enhance your performance and eliminate your fear for sure. If possible, you can also hire an efficient math tutor to get engaged in more math practice.

  • Create a suitable environment:

Though your parents need to utilize this tip more, you can also work smartly to create an apt environment. You are doing great in math home tasks but scored miserably in the math exam. Do this happen to you? If yes, then your phobia can result from a tense environment. You have to distract your mind from anxiety and nervousness that play a crucial role in developing your phobia.

Your parents should not discourage you even if you get poor marks. Rather they should diagnose your weak areas and provide a supportive environment to cement it. If you think listening to music, sitting on a bed, watching TV or surfing the internet serve a relaxing ambience to solve math, then they should allow it. Initially this will help you to shave off the repulsion for math.

  • Integrate math in daily life to make it simple: 

The contribution of mathematics is prevalent in many activities of daily life like calculating or budgeting, inspecting proportions and ratios for cooking, scorekeeping for sports and many others. If you are explored to the practical application of math in day to day life, you will learn math instead of fearing it. You can get hold of the geometrical concepts while drawing or sketching.  A recent study shows about 77% of students who are the victims of math phobia consider math a petrifying subject, which is not the actual scenario. Solve Sudoku, puzzles, play games, access to various apps and math teaching aids to practice math in a simpler way. You find it simple once you start using it in daily life.

  • Inspect the problem and recognize the symptoms:

The primary step of treating a problem is to recognize it. Moreover, you have to inspect what gives you the most trouble.  Is it panic, Paranoia or lack of confidence that obstruct your way in solving math? Affected with math phobia is a common problem and you are not alone to deal with this.

The root of the cause may lie in some external factors. As an example, the methods of teaching may be complicated or uninteresting. He may not explain the concepts well. Besides that, your fear may arise because of the evaluation process and the embarrassment of being judged. As a solution, you can tell your parents, or math tutors to take test regularly because if you develop a habit of facing this situation, you won’t suffer from anxiety or nervousness of the same situation anymore.

  • Involve in a group-study at least once a week:

4 out of 5 parents compare the academic performance of their children with others. Little did they know that, they are discouraging their cubs and destabilize their self-esteem by this unnecessary and meaningless comparison. At first, the parents should stop uttering this negative statement because it increases their children’s paranoia.

Instead of that, they encourage the students in peer-learning and arrange group study at least once a week. The students can share their problems with their friends, get suggestions, discuss the math solutions etc which works like magic to stay away from the fear and anxiety.

Getting afraid of this important subject is not a solution. Stay determined to conquer the fear as it is not a very tough process. Start following these tips and we are sure you will get benefit. Good Luck!