By Anthony Von Dari@VOP Today


John Lennon

Thanks to witness reports and a confession we know Mark Chapman was John Lennon’s killer, but was he really a deranged stalker, or was he put up to it by the CIA? The CIA monitored Lennon for years due to his anti-American views regarding Vietnam, and it’s claimed government right-wingers were scared of his popularity, so they had Chapman murder him.


Stevie Wonder

In 1950 Motown legend Stevie Wonder was born premature and suffered complications which rendered him blind. Since then Wonder has overcome his disability to become both a beloved musician and the butt of many sick jokes, but some out there believe Stevie Wonder was never even blind to begin with.



On our recent video about secret codes and symbols we spoke about how often illuminati imagery appears in music videos, and one of the biggest culprits for this is Jay-Z.


Michael Jackson

One of the most popular conspiracy theories about Michael Jackson is that he staged his death to give himself a normal life, but what if he instead did it so he could continue to enjoy a slightly less intrusive celebrity existence?


Andrew WK

In 2001 Andrew WK hit the airwaves with the ultimate party song and a half decent album of metal inspired feel-good music, but within a few years things started to get a little strange in the world of Mr WK. At a concert in 2004 someone claiming to be Andrew WK performed on stage at a show for college radio station WSOU, but audience members and security staff recognised the guy in the white outfit and long hair as definitely not Andrew WK. This imposter left the show halfway through, and since that incident even more intriguing details have emerged.


Major Record Labels

This extremely controversial theory claims that in 1991 major record labels were paid by the owners of private prisons to encourage their rappers to add more gangster elements to their music. The plan was that by promoting the sale of drugs, street violence and criminal activity through music to make it seem appealing, more criminals would be created to fill privately owned corporate prisons.



Whenever a hot new recording artist emerges from nowhere have you noticed how their Youtube videos seem to have millions more hits than they should? Well that’s because record companies pay for popularity.